PEX is a popular plumbing material that has been used for years. It is a great alternative to copper tubing as it is more cost efficient and flexible. However, it isn’t approved in every state. In fact, some states have banned it for fear of the negative effects it can have on water quality. Despite the fears, there are no known hazards of using PEX for your plumbing. However, it has been banned in California for a long time due to the concerns about chemicals leaching into drinking water.

Why Was PEX Banned In California?

Several concerns were raised about the use of PEX pipes. The main concern was that chemicals from the pipe could leak into the water, causing health issues for the people who drank it. This is something that was raised a few times by different groups including environmentalists and the Pipe Fitters Union. The union was worried that the methyl tertiary-butyl ether that was used to make the PEX pipes could leach into the water, which would pose a threat to human health.

Over the past few years, there have been many studies that have shown no harm to using PEX in your home. The studies were conducted by various national laboratories and showed no harmful chemicals that can get into the water from the pipes. Ultimately, the building standards commission lifted the ban on the pipes and allowed them to be used in homes.