Georgia has a strong paper industry partly due to its abundance of southern pine trees, which are used for pulp and paper. In addition, the state has a well-developed infrastructure for transportation and communications that facilitates the movement of raw materials and finished goods. It also has an educated workforce and good access to labor, which makes the region a competitive place to operate a business.

Despite challenges, such as declining demand for certain paper products due to the rise of digital media, the pulp and paper industry remains a strong economic driver for the state. Many companies have shifted their focus towards specialty papers, such as packaging materials and tissue products, which have seen increased demand. Additionally, many companies have adopted sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

The two major players in the industry, Georgia-Pacific and Pratt Industries, have both experienced a significant amount of growth and change over the years. Both companies have benefited from technological innovation, implementing new processes to improve efficiency and quality. Additionally, both companies have made a commitment to sustainability, using recycled content and implementing sustainable forestry practices.

Both companies have a unique approach to employee development, with Georgia-Pacific focusing on technical training and growth opportunities. Pratt Industries, on the other hand, puts a greater emphasis on leadership and professional development. Regardless of their differences, both companies are committed to a high level of performance and have a proven track record of success.