Anger Management Classes are often court ordered as part of a plea bargain or as a condition of probation. Sometimes they are also required by a family court judge for a custody case. Many people who take an anger management class voluntarily do so to learn better coping skills and prevent future problems. Anger management therapy can help anyone who feels their anger is getting out of control or hurting themselves and others.

Whether court-mandated or voluntary, an anger management program can be life changing. Anger management participants are often pleasantly surprised to find the classes are not as grueling as they expected. Generally, participants report that they are able to use the skills they learned after just two sessions to improve their lives at home, work and in their social relationships.

The length of anger management classes varies depending on the curriculum and the number of classes that is ordered by a judge or probation officer. However, most classes last at least eight hours in length to satisfy the number of class hours that most courts require.

While the person who is attending an anger management course is generally responsible for paying for the classes, some insurance companies also offer coverage for these programs. These courses can be a great way to learn new coping skills and avoid expensive legal complications in the future.

If you are interested in taking an anger management program, contact your local department of children and families to see if they offer any financial assistance for these classes. In addition, there are many scholarships for anger management offered by anger management programs to give back to those in need and to reward participation.