Who Killed Sasha On Family Business

Sasha returned to Port Charles, determined to make a better life for herself. Unfortunately, her luck didn’t hold out. She found herself at the center of a dangerous mob war when she was set up by Cyrus Renault to take the fall for Kiki’s murder. Afterward, she had a one-night stand with Brando Corbin that left her pregnant, and when Valentin found out he tried to push her away for his own protection. Eventually, she reconnected with Michael and they moved in together. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop her from getting involved in drug dealing with Valentin. She was exposed to a virulent strain of bird flu and nearly died. When she was able to recover, her guilt inspired her to start a relationship with Michael.

But it didn’t last long. The two got into a big fight and Sasha decided to leave.

The Duncans continue to go after Brother Xavier; Paris recruits Curtis and Nevada to help her catch a killer; L.C. gets a clue from an unexpected source; Orlando ramps up production of Heat; and Consuela finds herself in danger. Meanwhile, Brandi’s curiosity about L.C.’s condition comes back to bite her; the reiss family loses a loved one; and Kenny makes a dangerous play.