Who is Sasha Duncan on family business?

Sasha Duncan is the niece of L.C and a formerly hired hitwoman who works exclusively with her family. She is a very important character on the show and is played by KJ Smith. She is a very talented actress and has done an amazing job on the show. She is very popular amongst the audience and is loved by everyone. She is a very hard-working and ambitious girl and has a lot of potential.

She often pulls pranks on her brothers and sisters, especially PJ and Teddy. She also makes them think she is their favorite sister and tries to make them do things they hate. She has light brown hair and is shorter than her siblings, so she usually wears combat boots with her outfit.

Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan – The youngest daughter of the family is a glamorous spoiled party girl who always gets what she wants and knows how to handle herself in any situation. She is educated, seductive and knows how to hold her own in the family’s world of crime.

Emilio Rivera as Alejandro Zuniga – The shrewd and savvy Mexican crime boss is trying to mend fences with the Duncans but will he still be able to stain their name?

Sheila E. as Raven Sinclair – The cunning and gorgeous baby momma of a high ranking Duncan Family Associate who is so smitten with bounty hunter Curtis that she may reveal key information on Brother X’s whereabouts. Also starring Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Arrington Foster and Miguel A. Nunez.