The NCA hosts competitions for both school teams and All-star teams. To get to nationals, a high school team has to win a state competition or earn a bid. For All-star teams, they have to qualify by winning a few events in their region before heading to nationals. The NCA also holds summer camps and is credited with the invention of the herkie jump and the pom pom.

The bigger Nationals competitions can have a lot going on. It’s not just a weekend of competing, but there are also workshops, vendors and special events. Many of these competitions will also host a celebration party on the last night. This is usually for all registered attendees and is a fun way to let loose after a long weekend of hard work. Some events will require additional tickets to attend this event, so make sure to check out the website in advance of the competition for details.

One of the biggest nationals events is NCA All-Star National Championship, which is hosted by Varsity Spirit. This competition is typically held in February or early March and features thousands of teams battling it out for the national champion title. The winner will receive a plaque and a trophy, and they may also be awarded a bid to other elite events like The Summit or The Cheerleading Worlds. Some teams will even order custom champion rings to commemorate their big win! FloCheer PRO subscribers can watch this event live on our streaming service.