Many people will still purchase a boat. In fact, next year may be a great time to buy. It is likely that dealers with financed boats in inventory will have to sell them. This will put pressure on the dealers to offer good pricing. The recession will increase the availability of used boats as well. That means that buyers will have a lot of choices and will be able to find some great deals on new or used boats.

The other factor to consider is that even though the economy is not in a recession, Americans are pulling back on large and luxury purchases. This is reflected by declining results at Home Depot, Whirlpool and the prices of Rolex watches.

This year the boat industry is expected to sell 269,000 new powerboats and 900,000 pre-owned ones. This is significantly down from the breakneck pace of 2021 when boat sales were at pandemic highs.

Most manufacturers have shrunk their dealer bases and slowed production. As a result, they are not able to catch up with demand as quickly as they did in the past. That will probably keep new boat sales down a bit until the supply catches up to demand. Then we will see a slow rebound in the market.