BitLife is a simulation game that allows players to control everything in a virtual world. This includes their relationships, careers, how much they study at school, and even the car they drive. In addition to that, the game has received a few major updates since its release in 2022. One of those was the Business update, which was a job pack that added a lot of new features to the game. Here are some of the main features that this update added.

The first thing that the BitLife business update added was the ability to hire and fire employees. You can also give them bonuses, which will raise their morale and increase their productivity. However, be careful not to overspend on these bonuses. If you do, it could cause your company to run into the red and you’ll have to sell it.

You can also get your business a valuation, which will let you know how much it’s worth. However, you should only do this if you think your company will be successful in the future. You can get a valuation by going to the main Jobs menu and selecting the “Valuation” option.

Another great feature that the Business update added is that you can now pass on your company to your children in BitLife. This was a long-awaited feature by many players. It’s worth noting that the BitLife devs at Candywriter have been indicating on Twitter that they will be adding more features to this update.