The infamous Mavericks surf break near Half Moon Bay creates some of the world’s most unforgiving, dangerous, and awe-inspiring waves during winter. It’s a place where waves can reach as high as 60 feet and where experienced surfers have risked their lives to try to ride them. But even though the official Mavericks surf competition (formerly known as Titans of Mavericks) was canceled for the last two seasons, local fans and professional surfers still flock to the spot to witness and take on the waves.

This year, a new company led by a 23-year-old San Franciscan with family ties to the area is making strides to bring the contest back for the 2022-2023 winter season. Elizabeth Cresson, who works as a financial analyst for the web chat company Slack and has deep family roots in the coast-side town of Half Moon Bay, procured the rights to the competition in 2019 and will be running it through her business, Mavericks Ventures.

The revived Mavericks will be a big-wave video contest with a significant cash prize purse and a window to submit videos from November through April. Cresson and her partner, Paul Taublieb, a Malibu-based producer who’s hosted surfing events in Indonesia and coordinated motocross for ESPN’s X Games, will also be producing short-form documentaries about Mavericks and the surfers that brave it. And in a move that’s more aligned with the gender equality of today’s surfing, Cresson plans to pay male and female surfers equally for their victories, a major shift from the traditional male-dominated format of the sport.