A family business is a commercial organization that’s influenced by multiple generations of family members who are related through blood or marriage or adoption, and have both the ability to influence the vision of the company and the willingness to use this power to pursue distinctive goals. It’s a gritty, thrilling and complex world portrayed by the crime drama The Family Business, which first aired on BET in 2018 before moving to the streaming network BET+ in 2021. Created by best-selling author Carl Weber, it follows the Duncan family whose exotic car dealership business runs smoothly in New York City by day, while their dangerous, crime-fueled double life takes them out of state and across the country at night.

The Family Business stars Ernie Hudson as LC Duncan, CEO of the prestigious Duncan Motors and patriarch of the tight-knit family; Valerie Pettiford as matriarch Charlotte Duncan; Ben Stephens as the charismatic kingpin Charlie “Buzz” Duncan; Javicia Leslie as the sassy Yvette St. James; and Christian Keyes as the devious Maureen Guthman. With a star-studded cast and gripping storylines, the series has garnered critical acclaim from critics and viewers alike.

With a fourth season of the crime drama currently airing on BET+ and Netflix (free trial) streaming service, fans are eager to know when the series will return for another round. While BET has not dropped any formal statements, a few social media updates could provide some clues on the matter.