The state of California has something for everyone: funky shops in Los Angeles and San Francisco, breathtaking beaches, stunning mountains, sporting events and theme parks. For teenagers, it also offers plenty of opportunities to make some money. If your teen is 15 years old and ready to start working, they may need a work permit if they want to be paid for their efforts.

Local community centers and parks & recreation departments often hire teens for jobs such as front desk support, after-school youth programs, coaches and tutoring. Check out your local center’s website or call to find out more about job openings.

Kroger, the nationwide grocery chain, often hires teens at age 15. Positions include cashier, cart attendant and order puller (for online grocery orders).

McDonald’s restaurants usually hire crew members at age 14. In addition to a regular wage, many locations offer their employees the opportunity to earn tuition for college (4-year, community or trade school).

Chipotle is a popular restaurant that offers positions like team member and ice cream scooper to teens as young as 16. Some locations even allow workers to have Sundays off.

AMC theaters in select locations hire teens at age 14 and 15, offering positions such as ticket seller and maintenance crew. If your teen loves movies, they may also enjoy working at their local independent movie theater.

If your teen is interested in golf, Top Golf hires staff at age 16 for various positions. This popular golfing and entertainment venue also has locations in select cities.