Business is a type of organisation that operates to produce goods or services. Businesses exist in various forms such as partnerships, sole proprietorships, LLCs and corporations. The nature of business is defined by its legal structure, industry, products and services. It also describes the company’s overall goals. The company’s mission and vision statement illustrates its objectives to all major stakeholders.

The primary goal of every business is to offer consumers products that add value to their lives. This value may be tangible or intangible. The company produces and markets these products for profit.

Each business has a unique selling proposition (USP) that is its competitive advantage. The USP is used to identify and attract potential customers. It also explains why the company’s product or service is different from other competitors’.

Every business is a process that involves producing or reselling of goods or providing services for profit. It also deals with acquiring and selling of raw materials.

Business management is the practice of directing and controlling business activities to accomplish certain objectives. It involves activities such as planning, organizing, leading, monitoring and controlling.

Business is a structured method of turning resources into products and services to meet human needs. This requires the use of specialised skills, knowledge and experience to achieve its objectives. It is also a way of making money and accumulating wealth. The most common methods of conducting business include trading, manufacturing and distributing. The profits generated are then reinvested in the business for growth.