B2B solution marketing is a sales strategy that helps businesses develop and market custom business services tailored to their customers’ unique pain points, goals, and objectives. By enabling the customer to see a clear vision of how their company will improve as a result of using the product, it builds trust and cultivates longer-lasting relationships.

A key characteristic of solutions is that they are unique and cannot be replicated by competitors without significant resources and expertise. This makes it difficult for customers to compare/compare the product with other products in the market and provides a strong competitive advantage.

This type of selling is empathetic, as it requires a deep understanding of the prospect’s needs and the industry in which they operate. It also requires the salesperson to be able to tailor the product/service offering to each individual prospect, taking into account their industries, goals, pain points, and challenges.

This is a highly personalized approach to sales, which means it’s not as quick and easy to close deals. It takes time to understand the prospects’ backgrounds, their goals and challenges, and then to craft a customized solution that will help them achieve success. To do so, the salesperson must ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers carefully. The questioning should focus on the ROI a product can bring to the prospect and not its features or price. This type of selling is ideal for high-tech companies that offer products or services that are complex, require extensive technical knowledge to implement and support, or are unique in the market.