Aside from on-premise space, brand advocates are a key segment within the On Premise. As consumers are increasingly seeking authenticity and a feeling of craft for their drinks, breweries are seeing an uptick in craft product crossover into the On Premise as hard seltzers, RTDs, coffee, tea, and kombucha continue to see significant growth across all channels (OPUS 2021).

When it comes to On-Premise marketing, getting your products noticed in store is key to driving sales. Work with your retailers to get product placement on shelf or in the case, as well as in counter and checkout displays.

On-Premise marketers can also utilize geotargeting to reach users in specific, targeted locations. This allows marketers to immediately impact behavior by delivering real-time offers, notifications, and content to consumers in the moment they are in the right place to make an informed buying decision.

Lastly, utilizing On-Premise services like inwise’s cloud marketing system provides greater control over the information and data your company is sharing with your target audience. This is a great option for companies that have in-house IT teams to support them, businesses handling sensitive data or those under regulatory obligation to keep all communication with recipients within the company server borders. Cloud services are also cost effective, allowing you to pay only for what you use without the need for installing, IT support, and maintenance.