The term mom in business refers to a woman who owns a small, independent or family-owned small business. These businesses are usually run out of a home and provide personalized products or services. In contrast, big chain stores typically provide standardized products and services, such as McDonald’s providing the same Big Mac across different locations.

A mom in business often has to juggle the demands of running her business and her household responsibilities. Nevertheless, many women feel that their business ventures add to their sense of purpose and meaning in life. They also find that they enjoy the flexibility of working from home and can often work when their children are asleep or have other obligations.

The six million American mom-owned businesses make an impressive economic contribution and are an important source of employment. Moreover, mom-owned businesses provide an outlet for creativity and innovation, and serve as a model of success for other women in similar circumstances.

While the stereotype is that a mother must choose between her career and her family, most mom entrepreneurs say that they have managed to successfully balance the two. However, they have also learned that it is often necessary to sacrifice some things to keep their businesses running smoothly. Regardless, it is inspiring to see that so many women are willing to take the risk of starting their own businesses. And perhaps this article will serve as a catalyst for those who are still on the fence about taking the leap into entrepreneurship.