When you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials or a favourite morning radio show for its news segments or celebrity gossip, do you ever wonder about the people who are behind the scenes working to make these media/marketing channels and services possible? Media sales professionals are responsible for the business of connecting companies and brands who wish to advertise on TV and radio or online with a media/marketing company that can provide advertising space.

There is a wide range of positions available within media sales from entry-level through to senior level, depending on the industry in question and the specific requirements. The general expectation is that candidates have a degree in marketing, business, advertising or a related field with work experience that has been developed through customer service and sales roles.

Having a good understanding of the media landscape in which you are interested in is also essential. This is to help you understand the audience profiles for each type of media you are selling, and where your potential clients can be found within it.

This is a high-pressure role that requires you to have excellent influencing skills as well as a strong understanding of the media that you are selling. In addition, you will need to have a very clear understanding of the advertising market and how it works. In this article we will do a deeper dive into what it is that employers expect from a candidate who wishes to be a successful media sales executive.