Market access is a process that ensures patients receive adequate and sustained access to medication and services at reasonable prices. It is increasingly important as governments struggle to contain escalating healthcare costs and as they continue to implement stricter measures for new product approval.

Pharmaceutical companies need to adopt a comprehensive approach to market access in order to address these challenges and ensure that their drugs are available to patients. A successful market access strategy should be integrated into drug development and commercialization. In order to achieve this, pharmaceutical companies should establish a dedicated market access function and include market access representatives on their core teams.

The field of market access encompasses all roles that aim to improve patient accessibility to a company’s drug. This includes market access managers and directors but also positions like health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) analysts, pricing and reimbursement specialists and policy advocates. All of these roles share a common goal of ensuring that effective medications are accessible to as many patients as possible.

A career in market access pharma can be highly rewarding. Whether you are a medical or life sciences graduate or an experienced professional looking for a change of direction, market access is a great option to consider. Having the opportunity to work on the front-end of the drug development process and see your efforts directly impact patient health is a hugely fulfilling experience. Getting started in the industry as a market access associate or trainee is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and learn more about market access.