A field sales representative is responsible for identifying potential customers and reaching out to them to offer the products or services of their company. They are tasked with showing off the unique features of their products or services to attract customer interest and encourage them to buy. This can be done through in-person meetings, practical demonstrations, and visual presentations.

They also need to be able to build trust with customers by being transparent and honest in their interactions. This helps them build lasting relationships with their clients and increase sales. In addition to meeting with customers, field reps have a number of other tasks that must be completed daily, such as planning their routes, scheduling follow-ups, updating their CRMs, and learning about their company’s newest products. This can make it challenging to meet their sales quota.

Thankfully, technology has become a crucial tool for field sales teams to boost their productivity and achieve success. Software like SPOTIO can help them schedule call and visit reminders, automate emails and text messages to send at specific times, and even track sales activity so that they are able to meet their quota.

The best field sales representatives are able to find ways to sell their product or service to each of their prospects in an effective manner. They are able to adapt their approach to the customer’s needs and are able to solve any problems that may arise during the sales process.