As business becomes increasingly digitized, the need for a robust corporate data backup solution has never been more critical. Without a proper backup, businesses face the risk of losing their most valuable assets to cyberattacks, natural disasters or even internal theft.

Data backups are copies of important information that are stored on a secondary device or location for future recovery in the event of an outage or other disaster. Backups can be on-site, in the cloud or at a remote storage facility. Depending on the type of data being backed up, there may be specific requirements such as the need for encryption or secure storage. In addition, there may be regulatory compliance standards that need to be met such as GDPR or HIPPA.

The definition and importance of data backups can be complex to understand, but it’s important for every organization to have a solid plan in place. This includes a backup administrator who ensures that systems are set up correctly and tested regularly, as well as a clear understanding of the scope, schedule and infrastructure for backups.

The cost of a data breach has never been higher, with small businesses suffering an average loss of $108,000 per incident and large organizations up to $3.92 million. A good backup system can help to protect companies from these costs, as well as a potential loss of customer trust and brand reputation that can last for years. Datto solutions include all of the features needed to create a robust backup strategy, including hybrid cloud technology and inverse chain backups.