Commercial Sales is revenue generated by a publisher from commercial third parties, ideally outside of the direct sale of content. It can take the form of advertising, sponsorship and/or the publishing of third party content within a publisher’s own branded channels.

A good Commercial Sales Agent understands the commercial needs of customers and demonstrates how a product or service can help them achieve their business goals. They can also identify potential clients in their territory and work to generate leads. This role requires great interpersonal skills as they communicate with their clients via the phone and in person. They often sell on commission and so are accountable to their Manager for their performance.

When a commercial customer calls, the Commercial Sales Representative will start by asking questions to understand what type of solution is required. Depending on the nature of the call and the client, they may schedule an appointment to visit the client in person. The face to face meetings will include further discovery and qualification, but are likely to include presentations and demonstrations of the product or service offering. At the end of the meeting or between meetings, the commercial customer will be asked to agree a price.

Whether they are selling plumbing, heating and cooling solutions or office supplies, it is vital that a Commercial Sales Representative understands what the commercial customers require in order to explain how their products or services can help solve their problems. They must be able to put themselves in the shoes of their client and describe the product or service in a way that is most appealing to them.