Unlike a QBR, an EBR is a top-down, high-level business review that’s usually delivered to the customer’s executive team in a set meeting, often on a yearly basis. It focuses on alignment and outcomes that support the product’s value proposition and drives business momentum.

Typically, a high-quality EBR involves a few weeks of preparation, including preparing the agenda and setting expectations with stakeholders. It’s also a great idea to run interviews (with leadership and individual contributors) across the organization at least a month prior to the meeting to uncover any enablement, change management, or operational issues that have direct impact on the customer’s ability to realize value from your solution. You can leverage this information to prepare your customer for a successful EBR, and you may even want to suggest a few services or programs that would help them overcome these challenges if they aren’t already in place.

The EBR should be a strategic, discussion-based meeting, not a presentation. Your goal should be to make the customer’s executives feel seen, heard, and valued – and it’s always best to keep things human-first. Make sure the conversation is centered around their goals and perspectives, and never throw anyone under the bus. This will go a long way towards getting their sponsorship and participation in future meetings.