A company directory is a searchable database that shows names, professional contact information, and other helpful details of the team members working within an organization. They are often a valuable tool for collaboration and can help to build a sense of community among employees, especially those in remote teams who might not meet face-to-face as frequently. Additionally, a company directory allows clients, partners and potential candidates to easily identify the right person they should contact with queries.

A modern company directory will also provide employees with their own personal profiles, which can include additional information such as nicknames and pronouns, a bio/”about me”, work experience, education, projects, languages, social media links, and more. In addition, a profile will display the employee’s location, office and department. Most directories will also have an organizational chart view (also known as an org chart) that makes it easy to see where someone sits within the company hierarchy.

When an employee is added to Justworks, they will automatically be included in the company directory and Org Chart, unless they have chosen to hide their visibility from these tools in their own profile. Admins can access and manage this setting by clicking on the gear icon in their admin bar and selecting ‘Settings’.

Alternatively, new hires can be added to the company directory from their Dialpad account. When they join the company, all their contact details, including name, title, phone number and extension, and email address are automatically populated into the directory. This helps them to connect with their colleagues right away, while allowing them to keep their personal information private if they choose.