Unlike social fraternities, business fraternities are pre-professional organizations that focus on preparing students for their career after college. By participating in a business fraternity, you’ll develop networking skills, learn how to lead and manage a team, and gain valuable experience that will prepare you for the professional world. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to make lifelong connections with your brothers and sisters in the organization.

While rushing a business fraternity, it’s important to attend all the events that the chapter hosts. These events can include info sessions, resume workshops, social rounds, and professional rounds. Attending all the events will help you get to know the members and show them that you’re serious about joining their organization.

When talking to the members, it’s important to be yourself. If the members see that you’re being fake, they might decide that you’re not a good fit for their fraternity. It’s also helpful to practice your small talk and be aware of your body language. During interview rounds, members will be looking for people who are articulate and have a good understanding of the business world.

With a membership base of over 205,000, Delta Sigma Pi is the premier professional business fraternity in the country. They’re dedicated to promoting competency and achievement in the field of business, encouraging social activity among students, the community, and business organizations, and fostering a spirit of brotherhood. The organization is co-ed and includes men and women from all backgrounds and majors, and is focused on developing future leaders in business by incorporating the values of wellness, leadership, and philanthropy.