Many people use the phrase “within 72 business hours” when they are talking about a time frame that something needs to be completed. The word “business” is used because the reference is about a work day and not a personal day. It also does not include weekends or holidays.

The term has been popularized by the real estate industry. The clause provides protection for the seller of a property and ensures that another offer does not come in before the original buyer has the opportunity to back out of the purchase. This is known as the 72-hour clause and it is an important provision in any residential real estate contract.

In order to determine what is considered 72 business hours, it is important to understand the definition of a workday. A workday is any day that a business is open and operating. A workday does not include weekends or holidays.

It is also important to know how to convert from hours to days when needed. There are a number of different online tools that can help you make the conversion.

One example is a time calculator that can be found on most internet browsers. This tool makes the process of converting from hours to days easy. It can be helpful to have this information when you are making a schedule or planning for an event.