While fast, productive communication is essential in any workplace, many teams continue to fall short in this area. The reasons for this could vary, but it’s also possible that they’re simply not using the right tools. One such tool is instant messaging. IM is intuitive and easy to use, requiring no special technical knowledge. Moreover, people are already accustomed to messaging their friends and family. IM for business can boost productivity by cutting down on small messages that contribute to email clutter and allowing employees to quickly get the answers they need.

In addition to their ability to provide quick access to information, instant messengers can help employees avoid delays and reduce costs. For example, instead of calling or emailing a coworker for clarification on an issue, they can ping them in a chat. This is often less disruptive and more effective than waiting for a reply to an email or wandering over to the person’s desk.

Another way IM helps to cut down on costs is by enabling teams to communicate with each other from anywhere. This makes it easier for small businesses and startups to trim operating expenses and inefficient overhead. For example, instead of paying for a conference call to hold team meetings or arranging video conferences with clients, they can simply exchange messages or have a virtual whiteboard meeting.

While free instant messaging platforms pose serious security risks, business IM solutions offer robust features to meet enterprise requirements. This includes closed networks, end-to-end encryption, and other safety measures. These features also allow businesses to track user activity, which helps prevent data breaches and loss of sensitive information.