After being featured on Shark Tank, HyConn went out of business due to some issues. The company was founded by Jeff Stroope who had an innovative idea for a quick connect hose coupling that could help firefighters save time when connecting to a fire hydrant. Despite the fact that the product was great, it did not reach the sales numbers that Stroope had hoped for and it ended up being valued at zero dollars as of today.

It was reported that HyConn’s founder, Jeff Stroope was a full-time fireman who developed the idea for his invention while working on the firetruck on the weekends. He was frustrated with how long it took for his truck to be able to hook up to a fire hydrant when he was out on a call. This is what led him to develop the HyConn product that would ultimately save lives.

What Happened to HyConn after the Appearance on Shark Tank

Following his appearance on the second season of the show, Jeff Stroope was able to secure a deal with Mark Cuban for $1.25 million in exchange for 40% of the company’s equity. Unfortunately, the deal never actually got fulfilled as both parties decided it was best for the company to continue on its own.

Since then, the company has continued to face challenges and the website for HyConn is currently inactive, as it does not offer any products for sale. The founder, Jeff Stroope, has HyConn listed as open on his LinkedIn but is now working as a Tool & Die Shop Manager and could not be reached for comment. The social media accounts for the company have also stopped as of late with their last Facebook post dating back to April 2019.