Landscaping tools and equipment are a vital part of providing high-quality landscaping services to customers. You must keep your business’s inventory in good working condition to ensure that your clients receive top-quality work. When you are buying equipment, consider your specific needs and budget to make a smart purchase. Conducting plenty of research helps you narrow down your options and find the best equipment for your company. You may be able to find equipment that completes multiple tasks, which can help you save money and space on your fleet.

One of the first pieces of landscaping equipment you’ll need is a lawn mower to cut grass and maintain your client’s lawns. You’ll also want a wheelbarrow to haul away yard debris, and hand tools such as shovels, rakes, pruners, and hedge shears to trim, weed, and clear. You can buy these landscaping tools for a few dollars, although it’s worth investing in some of the better, more durable ones with fiberglass or steel handles. A basic shovel is around $25, while a garden or leaf rake can cost up to $40 and a pair of pruning shears or hedge shears might be $60 or more.

Larger landscaping projects might require the use of excavation and loader machinery for digging, grading, and moving soil. You can choose a backhoe loader that’s compatible with landscaping attachments such as blades and hammers or opt for a multi terrain loader that can travel over a variety of different types of terrain. You can also find a compact tractor that’s ideal for landscaping jobs and renovations. It cuts weeds, aerates the ground, and tows snow or leaves and is compatible with landscaping attachments such as utility thumbs, wheel saws, and brooms.