The state, local and education (SLED) market is one of the largest markets for technology solutions, representing a huge revenue opportunity. However, selling to these government entities is not easy. Each agency operates independently, with its own rules and regulations, procurement schedules and timelines, budgets and staff.

To break into this massive and lucrative market, you’ll need to dedicate time, energy and the right tools. Here are some key tips to help you develop a successful SLED sales strategy:

Invest in Research & Education

In the age of transparency, government agencies have never been more accessible than they are today. With a single search, you can find agendas and minutes from public meetings, as well as plans and budget documents published online in real-time. The problem is, all this information can be overwhelming and difficult to filter through.

SLED market opportunities are ripe for new customers – especially small and mid-sized firms – who have the resources to do the research and follow the news. For example, one SLED customer recently discovered that a local school district was considering a change to its IT infrastructure in response to a failed tax hike vote. The company immediately followed up with the school, offering to provide a demo of its solution.

With a smaller pool of competitors than the federal market, SLED contracts can be won more easily by leveraging a combination of strategic relationships and a data-driven approach. With the right tools, like Ontopical’s GovWin IQ platform, you can scan tens of thousands of SLED agencies daily and identify the most promising opportunities years in advance.