What does industry night mean? Industry nights are special nights that a restaurant hosts to offer service industry workers (servers, bartenders, chefs, etc) deals and discounts on food and drinks. It is generally a great way for these hardworking employees to take a break from work, and enjoy a fun evening out at a place they often frequent.

This is a huge benefit for restaurants, as they often make more money on industry nights than normal. It is also a good way to form relationships with other local businesses and service industry workers. It is not uncommon for these events to be held on a Monday or Sunday night, which traditionally aren’t very busy. This allows for a slow trickle of people to come in, and still make the restaurant a profitable night.

In addition, these events tend to be very friendly and welcoming. These patrons are typically very polite and friendly to your staff, and they are usually great tippers as well. This can help to keep your servers happy, and it can also make them more comfortable with their job.

It is a good idea to host industry nights at your restaurant on a regular basis. This will help to increase employee satisfaction, and it can be a great way to attract new customers as well. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work that these individuals do every day. Depending on your business, you may decide to hold these events once a week, or less frequently.