In a world where people are so overwhelmed with busy lives, It Works has been able to bring some time back into their lives by providing a healthy and convenient way to lose weight, detoxify and feel great. The company offers a variety of products that target various needs, including slimming, body contouring and anti-aging products. They have an excellent reputation and are highly regarded in the industry for their innovative marketing strategies.

It Works has an excellent compensation plan with no monthly quotas for distributors to reach. Distributors are paid commissions based on their personal sales and enrollments. They also earn bonuses on a weekly basis and can move up the ranks by recruiting more successful Distributors under them.

When you join It Works, you will receive a basic starter kit or Business Builder Kit with a box of four Skinny Wraps. You will also be provided with a personal replicated website and access to the distributor online eSuite portal. There is a $20 monthly fee for the website and eSuite access, but your first month is free.

You can start your business for $99 with a basic Business Builder Kit or upgrade to the Deluxe Kit to get more in product samples. Upon signing up, you will be given access to wholesale pricing on all It Works products, as well as your personal distributor back office online to track your sales and earnings. Once you have sold enough of the products to meet your monthly personal volume requirements, you will be eligible for commissions and bonuses.