When it comes to owning animals, there are a lot of rules that people have to follow. This is especially true if you live in California, where there are some pretty strict laws that residents must adhere to. Some of these laws have to do with keeping pets that are exotic or non-native, while others deal with issues like animal cruelty and the destruction of native habitats. If you’re thinking about owning a pet that is not typical, make sure you know what animals are illegal in california.


It is illegal to have a raccoon as a pet in California, even if you think it is tame. The reason for this is that raccoons are wild animals and, even if they have been raised from birth in captivity, they will still have their natural instincts. Therefore, they could harm humans or other animals if they are released into the wild.


While monkeys may look sweet and innocent, they can be dangerous and spread diseases. In addition to this, monkeys have been known to destroy crops and cause other damages to wildlife and agriculture.

Another popular pet that is banned in California is the Chinese Hamster. The reason for this is that these animals love to thrive in desert climates, and if they escape or are let go, they can easily form feral colonies and disrupt ecosystems in the wild. Finally, one of the most interesting animals that is illegal in california is the Quaker Parakeet. This bird is also known as the Monk Parakeet, and it has been banned in many states because it can spread diseases to human beings and can also out-compete other native bird species.