30 years ago on July 30, 1989 in Cheyenne, Wyoming Lane Frost rode his last bull. He completed an eight-second ride on the bull named Takin’ Care of Business and was trying to dismount when he was hit in the back with one of its horns and died of injuries from broken ribs.

The tragic accident changed the sport of bull riding forever, making it safer for riders. It also led to the creation of the protective vests that are worn by professional bull riders today. The movie 8 Seconds, starring Luke Perry as Frost and Stephen Baldwin as Tuff Hedeman, has inspired a new generation of bull riders to take up the sport. One such bull rider is River Mossberg, who competes in high school rodeo and hopes to make it to the professional level someday.

Taking Care of Business: What Happened To The Bull That Killed Lane Frost

The bull, named Takin’ Care of Business, remained part of the rodeo after the tragedy and appeared in the 1990 National Finals Rodeo. He was retired in the 1990’s and put out to stud until he died in 1999. He is buried near his hero and mentor, Freckles Brown, in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma. The bull’s horns are now located at the entrance to the CFD Old West Museum where behind-the-scenes chute tours of the rodeo begin during Cheyenne Frontier Days. A bronze sculpture of Lane is in front of the museum, and a memorial to him stands on the grounds of the rodeo arena.