In the United States, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to maintain healthy eating habits. This is because many of the things that are sold today have high amounts of calories and sugars in them. As a result, the majority of Americans are becoming obese. The government has tried to help with this problem by implementing various laws and initiatives. However, these actions may not be as effective as they are claimed to be. In the essay radley balko what you eat is your business, the author points out that personal responsibility must be emphasized as an effective way of dealing with the obesity epidemic in America.

In his essay, Balko argues that the government is using too much money on anti-obesity measures. He claims that this is the wrong approach to take because a person’s weight and what they eat should be their own private business. He suggests that the government should focus more on making it easier for consumers to make good food choices. This will help them to avoid obesity and other health issues.

He also says that the government should stop subsidizing and socializing medicine. He believes that if people have to pay for their own medical care, they will be more motivated to take responsibility for their own health. He also claims that the government should stop putting its attention on the obesity epidemic and instead put more effort into other pressing day-to-day issues in America.