A line of customers stretched out the door of Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery at its former location on Sandholdt Road in Moss Landing Monday. It was the last day to dine at the iconic Central Coast seafood restaurant, which has garnered a loyal following and international renown for its food and laid-back California vibe. The business is renowned for its cioppino, a seafood stew that’s served by the bowl or bucket and can be shared among a group of diners. The recipe, created by owner Phil DiGirolamo’s grandmother, has been featured on shows including “Road Tested” and “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” and in magazines such as Sunset and Via.

The decision to close came down to a lease conflict with the building’s landlord, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. The research institute has plans to build a 33,000-square-foot marine research facility at the site.

MBARI’s Heidi Cullen says the company is excited for what the new facility will mean for its operations. It will increase the efficiency of loading and unloading its autonomous underwater vehicles, which explore the seafloor in Monterey Bay and elsewhere, she said. It will also provide a single location for researchers to work on the devices, as well as a place to process and analyze data.

As for Phil’s, it will relocate to Castroville in a historic building that began life in 1869 as a schoolhouse and later became a general store. The new location will house the eatery, snack shack and mobile cioppino truck, giving Phil’s a combined operational space of about 14,000 square feet.