The Identity Manager 4.7 Driver for Linux and Unix enables you to synchronize user, group, and password data from a connected Linux and/or UNIX system with NetIQ Identity Manager. The driver also allows you to configure Linux and UNIX settings, such as home directories and login shells. You can also use the driver to encrypt passwords, track account data for reports, and provide support for Role-Based Entitlements.

The driver imports a basic set of policies and rules that are designed for synchronizing with Linux and UNIX. However, you might need to modify the defaults to match your synchronization requirements for this type of driver.

Specifies where the driver writes new passwords for a connected Linux and UNIX system to be written to an Identity Vault. Specifies creation rules for new users and groups before they are provisioned into the Identity Vault. Specifies rules for matching RFC 2307 attributes and password subscribing policies. Specifies e-mail notification settings for password failures and information formats from the Identity Vault that are published to the connected system.

Describes how to manage GPFS(tm) file sharing on AIX(r), Linux, and Windows nodes. AIX and Linux rely on 32-bit security identifiers for access control, while Windows uses variable-length security identifiers. The driver automatically generates ID mappings between the two types of security identifiers.

Specifies the LDAP server host name or IP address and TCP port number where the driver shim is running. Upon completion, the driver shim displays the host name or IP address of the LDAP server and a public Certificate Authority certificate. If you accept the Certificate Authority certificate, the driver shim saves it to a local file.