In legal proceedings, a personal statement can significantly impact a judge’s decision. Designed to explain why you need to clear your record, this statement must be meticulously crafted and submitted to the county judge responsible for your case. Before your case progresses, your attorney must receive your personal statement, making its timely preparation and submission crucial.

The Importance of the Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a critical document in your case. The judge will read it to understand your reasons for wanting to clear your record, and without it, your case will be on hold. It’s essential to articulate honestly and clearly to give yourself the best chance of a favorable decision.

Instructions for Writing the Personal Statement

Format and Structure

Begin your letter with the date at the top, followed by a salutation: “To Whom It May Concern.” These elements frame your letter, readying the reader for the message that follows.

Content and Organization

Organize your statement into five structured paragraphs:

Paragraph 1

Introduce yourself to the judge. Discuss your recent life events to provide context.

Paragraph 2

Explain how your life has changed since your last conviction. Highlight personal growth or positive developments.

Paragraph 3

Detail your involvement in jobs, programs, activities, or community service. Specify roles and contributions to show proactive engagement in self-improvement.

Paragraph 4

Discuss the goals you are working towards and how you are actively pursuing them. This shows forward-thinking and ambition to the judge.

Paragraph 5

State why you want to clear your record and how it will positively impact your life. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the benefits to help persuade the judge.


End your statement with “Sincerely,” followed by your printed full name. This formality underscores the seriousness of your message.

Submission Instructions

You must send your personal statement to the county that requested it. Find the necessary contact information on the county Public Defender and legal aid contact page. Ensure clarity and honesty in your writing, addressing all specified questions directly and concisely. Each paragraph should consist of 3-5 sentences, making your points clear and easy to follow.

Additional Considerations

Remember to be clear and truthful in your writing. Follow the 3-5 sentence guideline for each paragraph to maintain conciseness and clarity. Address all specified questions directly to ensure no critical information is omitted. Properly formatting and organizing your statement will facilitate a smoother review process and strengthen your case.

A well-crafted personal statement is instrumental in conveying your progress, contributions, and future aspirations. It is a vital document in persuading the judge to favorably consider your request to clear your record. By adhering to these guidelines, you can submit a compelling and honest narrative that showcases your growth and commitment to improving your life.

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