In medical and administrative settings, work and school notes are critical documents. These notes help communicate and validate absences due to health reasons. This guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to enabling and using work/school notes effectively within your system.

## Accessing the Work/School Notes Form

To start, you need to navigate through the administrative interface to enable the work/school notes functionality.

### Step-by-Step Navigation

Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Administration > Others > Forms > Register Work/School notes

## Installation and Enabling the Form

After accessing the registration section, follow these steps to install and enable the form:

  • Install the database for the work/school notes form.
  • Enable the form to ensure it is ready for use.

## Creating a Work/School Note

Once enabled, you can create a work/school note by following these steps:

  • Find the relevant client and open or create an encounter.
  • A new tab for work/school notes will appear in the encounter window.

## Using the Miscellaneous Section

The work/school notes are found in the Miscellaneous section:

  • Select the Miscellaneous tab and navigate to the work/school notes option.
  • Compose and save the note accordingly.

## Generating Reports

To generate a report that includes the work/school note, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Patient/Client menu > Current visit > Reports.
  • Select only the Demographics and Work/School note attributes.
  • Preview the report and print it.

## Customizing the Administration Section

For easier access, you may need to add the work/school notes form to the Administrative form category.

### Steps to Customize

  • Add the work/school notes form to the Administrative form category.
  • Adjust the column categories as necessary.
  • Set the priority order to ensure easy access.

## Finalization and Additional Tips

Final measures to ensure smooth usage:

  • Use the pop-up feature if you encounter issues and return to the form later if needed.
  • Organize the forms under the Administrative section for added convenience.

With these steps, you can effectively manage the creation and usage of work/school notes within your system, ensuring all necessary details are documented and accessible when needed.

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