Leaving a review on Etsy is an essential activity that contributes to the trustworthiness and overall improvement of the marketplace. Reviews provide valuable insights for other buyers and help sellers enhance their services and products. If you’re buying or have bought something on Etsy, here’s how you can leave a review in 2024.

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Eligibility to Leave Reviews

Only verified customers can write reviews on Etsy. This means that anonymous reviews are not permitted, and the buyer’s account and name will appear in public reviews. If you made a guest purchase, you need to sign in and claim the order to write a review.

Components of an Etsy Review

Star Rating

You can give a star rating up to 5 stars. Additional ratings for item quality, shipping, and seller customer service are available on the iOS app.


A minimum of five words is required on Etsy.com, though there is no minimum on the Etsy app.


Pictures can only be included in 5-star reviews, and their display is at the seller’s discretion.

Timeliness and Restrictions

Review Window

You must leave a review within 100 days after the estimated delivery date. Reviews cannot be edited or deleted after this period.


  • Reviews cannot be updated if an order has an open case.
  • Reviews are locked if the seller responds to them.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Review

Here’s how you can leave a review on Etsy:


Sign in to Etsy and go to ‘Purchases and reviews’. Find the item you want to review and click ‘Review this item’ to post or submit your review.


To edit a review, follow the same steps, but select ‘Edit review’ to make changes and then repost.

Common FAQs for Buyers

There are some common questions buyers may have about leaving reviews on Etsy.

Prompt for Reviews

Etsy may prompt you to leave a review on the account page.

Inability to Leave Review

Possible reasons include guest shopping, open cases, expired review period, or seller’s response.

Content of the Review

It’s important to leave honest feedback without insulting language. Including optional photos can make your review more valuable.


While Etsy works to prevent fake reviews, some less-than-truthful reviews can still appear.

Seller Requests for Review Changes

Buyers can change reviews within 100 days if impressed by the seller’s follow-up.

Key FAQs for Sellers

Handling Negative Reviews

Sellers can report inappropriate reviews, contact the buyer to change it, or respond politely.

Managing Reviews

Sellers are unable to hide reviews but can hide inappropriate photos.

Duration of Reviews

Reviews stay indefinitely but affect star ratings for only the past 12 months.

Requesting Reviews

Sellers can send personalized, concise messages with links to the product page shortly after positive purchase experiences.

Tools and Tips


Platforms like EtsyHunt help sellers manage their reviews and optimize Etsy rankings.

Follow-up Reminders

Automate review requests and manage customer relationships for better reviews.

Understanding how to leave a review on Etsy can enhance the shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. Engage in the review process to contribute to the vibrant Etsy community!

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