Reviews play a crucial role in the Airbnb community. As a host, providing thoughtful and honest feedback about your guests can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Importance of Guest Reviews

Reviewing guests is essential for maintaining the integrity of the Airbnb platform. Reviews serve multiple purposes:

1. **Enhancing Security:** They help future hosts screen potential guests.

2. **Boosting Listing Reputation:** Positive reviews can improve a listing’s search rankings and appeal.

3. **Encouraging Reciprocal Reviews:** Writing a review often prompts guests to leave feedback in return, which can enhance your hosting credentials.

The Review Process

Airbnb’s review process is designed to facilitate honest and timely feedback:

14-Day Window

Hosts have up to 14 days after checkout to submit their reviews. If both host and guest submit reviews within this period, the reviews will be published simultaneously. If only one party submits a review, it will be made public after the 14-day window closes.

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Editing and Finalization

Hosts can edit reviews during the 14-day review period, provided the guest hasn’t submitted theirs yet. Once both reviews are submitted or the period ends, the reviews become final and cannot be changed.

Steps to Write a Review

Follow these steps to leave a review for your guests:

  1. Go to your Airbnb Inbox.
  2. Select the reservation of the guest you wish to review.
  3. Click “Get Started” to begin writing your feedback.
  4. Submit the review upon completion, or save and exit to finish it later.

Content and Tone of Reviews

Your review should be polite, professional, and factual. Avoid emotional language and personal details. Instead, focus on providing clear and specific feedback about your experience with the guest.

“The Warts And All Airbnb Review” by From Miles To Smiles is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Example Review Templates

Here are a few templates to help you get started:

Positive Review

“[Guest’s first name] was a fantastic guest! They communicated clearly and respected all house rules. I would happily host [guest’s first name] again.”

Negative Review Using the ‘Compliment Sandwich’ Method

“While [guest’s first name] was polite and friendly, there were some issues with respect to house rules. For instance, they hosted an unauthorized party. However, they communicated well and seemed cooperative overall.”

Best Practices for Leaving Reviews

To ensure your reviews are fair and useful:

1. **Be Honest:** Accurate feedback helps other hosts make informed decisions.

2. **Be Specific:** Detail both positive behaviors and any issues.

3. **Be Timely:** Submit your review within the 14-day window to ensure it counts.

Automating Review Processes

Using tools like iGMS can streamline the review process, making it easier to manage multiple listings and high booking volumes. Automation allows you to save time while ensuring that each review is submitted promptly.

Responding to Reviews

It’s also important to respond to the reviews you receive from guests:

1. **Positive Reviews:** Express gratitude and show willingness to host the guest again.

2. **Negative Reviews:** Respond professionally, acknowledge the issue, and mention any steps taken to improve.

By following these strategies, you can make the review process more efficient and beneficial for both you and the wider Airbnb community. Reviews not only help in earning trust and credibility but also play a significant role in maintaining the quality and reliability of the Airbnb platform.

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