Writing movie titles correctly in your essays can significantly impact your grades. Whether you’re analyzing specific films, discussing plots, or quoting scenes, proper formatting is essential.

General Principles for Writing Essays About Movies

When discussing movies in essays, it’s important to start with a background discussion of the film. Incorporate your personal experiences and reflections, analyze the main ideas and topics, and convey the lessons the movie can teach.

Background Information

Provide context about the movie, including the director, main actors, and an overview of the plot.

Personal Experience

Share how the movie impacted you personally and the reasons behind your reactions.

Main Ideas and Topics

Discuss the primary themes of the movie and how they are developed throughout the plot.


Explain the lessons that the movie imparts, whether through its narrative, characters, or underlying messages.

Basic Grammar Rules for Writing About Movies

Adhere to the required formatting style, whether it’s MLA, APA, or another. Write in the active voice, maintain a coherent structure, and ensure smooth transitions between ideas. Monitor correct punctuation of headings and titles as well.

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Formatting Movie Titles

MLA (Modern Language Association) Format

In MLA format, capitalize the first letters of all major words in the movie title, excluding insignificant ones such as articles and prepositions (unless they are at the beginning of the sentence). Italicize movie titles in the body of the text.


  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Lord of the Rings

APA (American Psychological Association) Format

Similar to MLA, APA format requires you to capitalize the first letters of important words and italicize the titles. Additionally, capitalize all words that are four letters or longer, even if they are prepositions or articles.


  • Gone With the Wind
  • Tori Spelling as a Good Character to Write About in Your Essay

How to Write an Essay About a Movie

General Approach

  • Watch the Movie: View the movie thoroughly, possibly multiple times, to capture its essence.
  • Background Information: Provide in-depth background info to identify underlying themes and issues.
  • Personal Reflection: Write about your reflections and impressions without simply summarizing the plot.
  • Critical Assessment: Analyze the storyline, topics, music, special effects, and acting critically.
  • Lessons Learned: Summarize the lessons learned from the movie, both for yourself and for a broader audience.

Specific Examples for Essays

Beverly Hills TV Series:

Discuss socio-cultural issues tackled in the show, such as domestic violence, homophobia, and racism. Reflect on a character like Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) and her consistency throughout the show.

Older than America Movie:

Delve into unique narratives and the exploration of Native American Boarding Schools’ impact on children.

Sample Essay Titles:

  • “Older than America: The Causes and Effects of Cultural Genocide”
  • “The Hardship of Assimilation in a Culturally Different Society on the Example of Older than America Movie”
  • “Older than America: Is It Ethical to Try to ‘Civilize’ Children and Youth Into a Different Culture”

Tips for Writing About Movies

To ensure that your movie analysis is comprehensive and impactful, consider the following tips:

  • Thorough Viewing: Ensure the movie is watched comprehensively.
  • Detailed Background: Provide in-depth background coverage.
  • Personal Insight: Share personal insights and avoid merely summarizing the plot.
  • Critique & Assess: Apply critical thinking to assess various components of the movie.
  • Lessons & Reflections: Conclude with the lessons learned and how the movie has impacted personal and broader perspectives.

By following these guidelines, you can write an informative and impactful essay about movies, ensuring proper formatting and insightful analysis.

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