Domain verification is a new requirement to ensure only the right people can edit link descriptions for ads that point to your domain. This helps keep bad actors from spreading misinformation and is a security measure that Facebook has put in place. It’s important to note that you cannot edit links unless your domain is verified in Business Manager.

Verifying your domain is easy. Once you add your domain to Business Manager it will display a ‘Meta Tag’ or ‘DNS Verification’ tab. If you choose the ‘Meta Tag’ option then you will be provided with an HTML tag that you will need to add to your website head> section. This is the simplest and fastest method of verification. Once you have done this please allow up to 72 hours for the changes to spread across your web servers. Once it has done this you will need to return to Business Manager and then click the ‘Verify Domain’ button.

If you have chosen the DNS verification method then you will need to log in to your domain providers cpanel and add a TXT record for the domain to confirm ownership. You will need to copy the TXT record from Facebook and then add it to your domain settings. Once you have added it to your DNS settings please allow up to 72 hours for the changes and then return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify Domain’.

Once you have verified your domain in Business Manager you can then connect it to an Ad Account if you would like. You can do this by claiming an existing Ad Account you have admin access to, requesting access (have your client share their Ad Account ID with you) or creating a new Ad Account in Business Manager.