Staying motivated in sales can be challenging. The daily grind can wear on even the most experienced sales reps, and no one is immune to the fear of losing their job or feeling like they’re wasting their time. Even top performers have to deal with rejection, the ever-resetting clock that is their quota, and other factors that can derail even the most focused and determined team members.

The best way to stay motivated in sales is to develop a daily routine that supports your goals. Whether it is making 40 calls per day or meeting with one office a week, create a repeatable process that is in line with your goals and reward yourself for the habits you can control. This helps to shift the focus from a day-to-day dollar goal to a set of actions that will ultimately lead you to success.

Having an overall vision or mission for your team can also help to keep everyone motivated. Make sure that every member of your team has clear short- and long-term sales goals at both a personal and team level, and that these align with the company’s goals. This will give them something to work towards, and a target that is more attainable than the “get more sales” goal.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is also a great sales motivation tactic. Hearing stories from your peers about how they overcame rejection or lost deals and found their way to the top can help you feel encouraged and inspired to push harder.