The first step in starting a wig business is to decide what type of business you want to run. You may want to sell wigs online, work from home, or open a storefront. The type of business you choose will affect your costs and your location.

Once you have decided what type of wig business you will operate, you must create a business plan. The plan should document your goals, market analysis, and financial predictions. It should also detail your business’s unique selling points. The plan should also include a list of potential customers and a description of the products you will offer.

In addition to writing a business plan, you will need to register your wig business and obtain any necessary licenses and permits. Your local small business association or your city’s licensing and permitting department can help you determine the specific requirements for your area.

You will need to hire employees if you are opening a storefront or selling wigs in-person. A typical wig business will have a chief executive officer (you can fill this role), an admin and human resources manager, a merchandise manager, sales girls and boys, and an accounting clerk.

You will need to open a business bank account to receive customer payments and pay your suppliers. You should keep your business finances separate from your personal accounts to make it easier to file taxes and maintain records. You can start a business bank account by visiting your local branch or inquiring at your preferred banking institution.