The Philippines has long been a popular destination for companies looking to source skilled professionals. This is due to its well-educated workforce, low cost of living, and strong cultural affinity with Western countries.

However, finding the right talent can be difficult for businesses, especially if they don’t have a local presence in the Philippines or have limited time to dedicate to recruitment. This is where manpower agency businesses come in. Manpower agencies provide recruiting services for businesses that need staff, such as janitorial services or security personnel. They can also help companies find candidates for executive-level positions.

How to Start a Manpower Agency Business in the Philippines

When you want to start your own manpower recruitment business in the Philippines, you will need to meet a few requirements before applying for a license. First, you will need to register your business name with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if you are a single proprietorship or with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) if you are a corporation or partnership. You will then need to obtain a barangay clearance and a city or municipal business permit.

Then, you will need to apply for a manpower recruitment business license with the -hilippine Overseas Employment,dministration (POEA). The POEA is the lead go’ernment agencytasked to promote and monitor the o’erseas employment of 3ilipino workers. We can assist you in the process of registering your manpower recruitment business with the POEA. We will draft all contracts and consolidate all required documentation.