Drone photography has become a significant asset in various industries, reshaping how businesses capture and present visual content. One of the most impactful applications is in real estate, where companies like Skyview Experts have used drone technology to enhance their service offerings.

Sasha Marcetta and the Foundation of Skyview Experts

Skyview Experts, founded by Sasha Marcetta in October 2018, had humble beginnings. Initially, the business employed a family camera and took on very few projects. The company saw gradual growth with 10-15 jobs between October and December of its founding year. As it transitioned into 2019, the job count rose to approximately 50-60.

Social Media’s Impact on Growth

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly influenced Skyview Experts’ growth. Increased social media usage led to a tripling of projects by 2020, highlighting how online presence could be a game-changer for businesses.

Daily Operations and Workflow

Sasha adheres to a rigorous schedule, starting early at around 4:30 or 5 a.m. This initiation into the day involves quality checks and substantial tasks that ensure the business runs smoothly. The business adjusts its operations seasonally, extending work hours during the summer months to capitalize on longer daylight hours.

Equipment and Technology

Skyview Experts uses cutting-edge equipment such as Canon cameras (R5, R6, r5c) and DJI drones (Mavic 3, Mavic Mini, Avada). Photo and video editing are efficiently handled on MacBooks, ensuring top-notch quality in the final product. DJI drones are particularly favored for their user-friendly interface and robust support options.

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Operational Expenses

Key expenses for Skyview Experts include employee salaries, editor fees, travel costs, and software subscriptions. Vehicle mileage and associated fuel costs also constitute a significant part of their expenditure.

Client Acquisition Strategies

Initially, Sasha depended on cold emailing, messaging, and Zillow-based outreach to gain clients. Currently, referrals and a strong social media presence are the primary methods for client acquisition. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have proven vital in driving client growth.

Range of Services Offered

Approximately 85% of the work involves real estate photography. The remaining 15% includes lifestyle videos, event coverage, and tasks requiring licensed drone operators. The company also offers Matterport laser measurements and virtual staging, with pricing based on square footage and requested services.

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Marketing and Social Media

Skyview Experts heavily depends on social media for marketing. Instagram and TikTok are crucial for client engagement, while YouTube is utilized for broader audience exposure through home tours.

Challenges and Best Practices

Early client acquisition and maintaining high-quality output under tight deadlines pose significant challenges. Emphasizing humility, excellent customer service, effective communication, and punctuality helps mitigate these issues. Sasha recommends starting in safe, open areas for practice and prefers DJI drones for their reliability and support structure.

Future Goals

Skyview Experts plans to expand its team and assist clients with social media content creation, focusing on engaging reels and videos.

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Memorable Projects and Learning Experiences

Sasha has had the privilege of working on high-profile projects, including John Salley’s mansion. He recalls the learning curve with drone crashes, emphasizing careful and incremental mastery of drone operations.

Skyview Experts’ Unique Selling Proposition

Offering rapid next-day service, quality assurance, and comprehensive client support, Skyview Experts stands out in the competitive drone-based real estate photography market.

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