How to Start a Call Center Business in the Philippines: From Concept to Startup

A robust call center can help businesses improve customer support, increase sales, and reduce operating costs. It also helps companies reach new markets and expand their existing customer base. Whether a company needs to handle phone calls, emails, or social media inquiries, a professional and skilled call center can provide the solution.

The Philippines is a prime location for call center companies, thanks to its time zone and cultural fit. Additionally, the Philippine government supports the industry by offering unique rewards like tax breaks for foreign investors. The country is well-known for its friendly demeanor, which makes it a natural choice for customer service centers.

There are two primary legal entities that can be used to operate a call center in the Philippines: a branch office and a domestic corporation. A branch office can be 100% foreign-owned, while a domestic corporation requires a minimum of 60% Filipino ownership.

Call center agents can work in various industries, including travel services, technical support, education, financial services, and customer care. Regardless of their industry, all call center agents must have excellent English language skills to communicate effectively with customers.

To ensure quality, companies should invest in ongoing training and development for their call center agents. Additionally, they should conduct regular performance reviews to assess employee progress and motivate them to perform at a high level. Finally, a robust CRM system is essential for maintaining accurate records of all call center activities.