Selling a business is an intricate process. You’ll need to prepare your company, attract a qualified buyer, negotiate the deal, and finalize the sale. A seasoned business broker will help guide you through each step to ensure you reach your goals for the transaction and have a smooth sale.

One of the first things you need to do is determine your landscaping company’s value. This is important because it allows you to confidently discuss your business with potential buyers and protects you from getting undervalued during the price negotiations.

A business valuation is a complex calculation that can include many different factors, but it’s essential for anyone who is looking to sell a business. A reputable business broker can provide you with an accurate and precise valuation to help you set realistic expectations and make the best decisions during the sales process.

You should also focus on building a management team and creating a commercial client base to increase your business’s value. Commercial clients are more valuable to buyers because they are less volatile and offer more stability than residential work.

Finally, you should consider signing up for key person insurance and having your staff sign non-compete agreements before you start the sales process. This will help reassure buyers that your team will remain loyal after the sale and prevent them from leaving to start their own landscaping companies.

Once you’ve prepared your company and attracted a qualified buyer, the next step is to conduct a thorough due diligence process. This will allow you to address any concerns the buyer may have and ensure that a deal is made. Once the final details are agreed upon, the sale will close and the purchase agreement will be signed by both parties.