If you are a gamer who regularly trades video games with other users on steam, you might have encountered a situation where your account has a temporary hold which prevents you from trading in the community market. The hold period lasts up to a week or more. It is a safety measure to safeguard your product from hackers online. In order to get rid of the hold, you need to follow the correct procedure which is mentioned in this article.

You can remove your steam market hold by using a mobile phone number that is verified with the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. To add this authenticator, you need to log in with the mobile app on your device and enter the code sent to your registered mobile number. You will need to wait for a one-time 7 days for the account to be fully validated and then it will no longer observe any trade or market holds.

Adding an authenticator to your steam account is the only way to completely get rid of the community market hold. However, there are some other precautionary measures you can take to keep your account secure from hackers. You should always have smooth internet connections when logging in on steam and you should also use the official steam app to ensure that your account has the latest security settings. You should also avoid any activities that can make your computer appear new to Steam like clearing your web browser cookies, reformatting, or reinstalling.