If you’re running Google Ads and have a business with multiple locations, it is crucial that you link your ads to your Google My Business account. This integration will ensure that your online and offline marketing efforts are unified, resulting in more accurate location targeting, increased ad performance, and improved local customer engagement.

How to Link Google Ads to Google My Business

When you first set up your ad campaign, you must choose a geographic area where your ads will be shown. This can be as broad as a country or as specific as a radius around your business location. Choosing the right location is vital to maximize your ad’s performance and ensure that your ad is displayed only to potential customers who are most likely to visit your business.

Once your Google Ads and My Business accounts are linked, you can use location extensions to showcase your business’s location in your ad. This will provide greater visibility and help your ad stand out from the competition. You can also connect your Ads and My Business accounts to Google Analytics, which will allow you to track and analyze online-to-offline traffic for your business.

To begin linking your Ads and My Business accounts, log in to your manager account and select the “Link existing account” option in the Settings menu. From here, you will need to select the business profile account that you want to link and then confirm which locations you would like to bring over to your Ads account (if applicable). After selecting the accounts you wish to link, click “Continue”.