For many professionals, the idea of leaving corporate america is enticing. Living paycheck to paycheck, the inability to take time off to attend to passion projects, and a general feeling of being confined by the corporate structure are often enough to make someone dream of ditching their job for good.

But it’s not an easy endeavor. Professionals who choose to leave their jobs often must quickly find new career paths, learn how to work independently, and develop a financial plan that considers the potential income changes that may occur in the aftermath of a corporate escape. It takes hard work, self-examination, resilience, and the willingness to embrace a certain level of uncertainty.

One of the most common routes away from corporate america is to start a business. Whether it’s a food truck, a yoga studio, or a franchise that provides business coaching to corporate executives, the benefits of running your own company can be immense. It also comes with a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of financial investment upfront, but it can be worth it in the long run.

If you’re planning to exit corporate america and start a business, it’s recommended to begin building an emergency savings fund and scale back on expenses before you quit your current job. This way, you can prepare for the transition financially and have a buffer in case you encounter any unexpected challenges along the way. You can also consider starting your business part-time while still working full-time in order to test the waters and become more familiar with the responsibilities of running your own company.